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church planting

Spiritual and Physical Bridges

Rachel Chimits
March 14, 2019

God provided a practical answer to people’s incredible hunger for the Word.

Eswatini, known as Swaziland until its king changed the name last year, is a country in southern Africa about the size of New Jersey and where many of its people live in poverty and fear of HIV.  

One rugged corner of Eswatini is known as Ngwempisi, after the river that carves through its hills. For many tourists to the region, the river is a kayaking attraction.

However, for locals, it presents an often deadly obstacle. 

Serious Dedication

World Challenge’s partner in the Ngwempisi region wanted to create a revival of hope for the beleaguered local people. They announced a Sunday meeting and set up a tent beside the river, hoping to bless the area. 

Haiti’s Growing Churches

Benjamin Demblowski
March 20, 2019

God is awakening believers in Haiti to new ways that he wants to renovate their lives and work.

Flying over Cap-Haïtien on one of Haiti’s breathlessly clear days reveals lush green mountain tops that effortlessly roll down into golden coastlines and gem-like tropical waters. At first glance, one would think this must be paradise. 

However, the scene on the ground is a very different view. 

Exiting the small airport, I was instantly mobbed by overly enthusiastic men frantically vying to take my luggage. They probably hoped that I’d let them escort me to my destination and capitalize on what they would consider a rich foreigner.