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When Disappointment is Good

Rachel Chimits
July 9, 2019

Nothing seems more undesirable than hard times and unanswered questions, but God always has a plan and purpose for these moments in his children’s lives.

Disappointment seems like the gateway emotion to a lot of worse ones: bitterness, anger, depression and more. By that logic, God wouldn’t want Christians to experience disappointment. Why expose us to what only breeds bad things in our hearts?

The only problem is that Jesus regularly disappointed people.

Don't Be Disappointed With Yourself


Gary Wilkerson

February 6, 2019

How many of us feel disappointed in ourselves or like a disappointment to our friends, family or even God? Often, we say terrible things about ourselves that we would never say to another person. 

Feeling as if we should have accomplished more, traveled to more places or made different choices in our past can become a terrible weight on the soul. Even if we do achieve our greatest dreams, they almost always feel hollow once they’re in our hands. We fall prey to the enemy’s lies rather than trusting what God says.

Here Gary Wilkerson talks about how we can grasp God’s promise of peace and abundant life.

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