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El Salvador

Start Small, Trust God, and Watch What Happens

It’s easy to despair at the problems in the world, feel overwhelmed and ask, “Why doesn’t God save those poor people? Why doesn’t he do something?” Long-time ministry leader, John Bueno felt this way when faced with a seemingly overwhelming issue in El Salvador. The problem was so huge, devastating and pervasive that solving it appeared impossible. However, God led John to tackle this country-wide problem with small, simple steps and a faithful heart. This week, John joins us to share how God broke his heart and then opened an incredible opportunity for healing and redemption in this country he loves.

A School for Christ

Rachel Chimits
May 9, 2019

Two church leaders in El Salvador were moved to help the country’s children and build toward a better future.

In 1961, John and Lois Bueno were invited to El Salvador to become the pastors of Centro Evangelistico Church. 

They left their home in California and moved to El Salvador’s capital to start a new life and ministry, hardly guessing the magnitude of the plans God had in store for them.