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The Battle for a Healthier Life Starts in the Mind

Today, Gary Wilkerson and guest speaker David Bush discuss why so many fitness and weight-loss goals fall through. Could this problem be related to a much deeper issue in our lives?

Loving God With All Your Strength

Today, Gary Wilkerson is joined by guest speaker and ministry founder David Bush to talk about how we can balance spiritual disciplines with physical fitness.

Faith & Food – Feeding Your Calling

Unhealthy habits in life usually begin in small steps. They start when we say, “Oh, I can stay up late for this event and still wake up early for work tomorrow. I can splurge with my diet this week and work it off later.” Sooner or later we may find that these small choices have begun to build into serious health problems. This week, Gary Wilkerson talks with a Christian nutritional counselor, Laura Harris Smith, who shares her descent into a deadly medical condition, the way God healed her body and her journey into good health.

Should Church Be the Lord’s Gym?

Rachel Chimits
September 4, 2019

Many believers have a spotty history with fitness, and the Bible says nearly nothing about it, so Christians often struggle with how they should approach this aspect of care for our bodies. 

“Lord’s Gym: Bench Press This!”

Seeing this 90s t-shirt’s logo of Jesus bench-pressing the cross was the first time I’d ever really thought about God and working out, mostly because Christ in the illustration was…well, extremely buff.

Faith and Fitness: Don't Do Either Alone

Our physical fitness and spiritual life affect one another in surprising ways. Unfortunately, this relationship has often been ignored or misrepresented in the church. This week Eric Cartier, Senior Pastor of Rocky Mountain Calvary, joins Gary Wilkerson to look at the gracious and good connection God has made between our bodies and our souls.

How to Have Wholeness in Your Christian Life

Could the way in which we care for our bodies be affecting our spiritual lives as well? Could having healthier life practices, from the food we eat to the relationships we have, be a biblical concept? Gary Wilkerson discusses this topic and offers insights from the Bible and his personal experience to those looking for answers.