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Turning a Filipino Saul to Paul

Rachel Chimits
June 24, 2019

An ex-Muslim helped one woman see the truth of God’s Word, which sparked her passion to do the same for others.

Carmelita absolutely could not stand these filthy evangelicals.

She could’ve sworn they’d put some kind of Bible study near her house just to drive her half crazy. People would walk past her house holding Bibles all the time, and it was unbearable. Then there came the knock on her door.

Several people smiled as she opened up, stoking the flames of her righteous indignation. “Ma’am, our church has become too big for the house where we’re meeting, and we were wondering if you would be so kind as to let us meet in your home?”

The pure nerve of these fools! Furious, she chased them off her porch.  

A Prayer for Ukraine

Rachel Chimits
June 21, 2019

Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz offered a conference to refresh pastors in Ukraine and over 10,000 church leaders arrived to hear them.

Chernivtsi, or Cernăuți as it is called by the Romanians, has been called “Jerusalem upon the Prut” for its strategic location between Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

It has traditionally been a cosmopolitan city, home to many Romanians, Germans, Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Roma and Jews.

This city with its long, multicultural history is where Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz went for their most recent pastors’ conference.

History of Ukraine’s Church

Many church leaders in Ukraine face an unusual set of challenges.

Running the Good Race

Rachel Chimits
June 6, 2019

Pastors around the world need encouragement, refreshment and prayer from their fellow believers.

Recently, Gary Wilkerson, Kelly Wilkerson, Nicky Cruz and Carter Conlon were invited along with other pastors and leaders to speak at a pastors’ conference in Kenya. 

The vice president of Kenya’s wife, Rachel Ruto, is passionate about encouraging the church in her country. She organized and laid the way for everyone who came to speak as well as for many of the attendees to be aware of the event and able to attend.

The purpose of this conference was to encourage Kenya’s spiritual leaders, whether they were from a Nairobi megachurch or a tiny village’s house church. 

Expanding in Swaziland

Rachel Chimits
January 28, 2019

The gospel is spreading through Africa’s smallest country in new and innovative ways.

Eswatini, which was known as Swaziland until its king changed the name last year, is a country in southern Africa about the size of Massachusetts andwhere many of its people live in poverty and fear of HIV.  

Frustration with the lack of improvements promised by Eswatini’s government has mounted in recent years. World Challenge’s partners, however, have put their hope for change in God’s work in their neighbors’ hearts and outlook on life.

In the northern highlands, the team was already running a children’s home and farm, but they were looking for a way to increase their blessings on the community.

New Leaders in Uganda

Rachel Chimits
January 3, 2019

God has opened the door for his Word to change the landscape of Uganda.

Three months ago marked Uganda’s 56th independence anniversary, but recently a retired diplomat told Uganda’s Daily Monitor that the country is as troubled as ever by government corruption, tribalism and poverty

While some are crying for new civil servants to improve Uganda’s conditions, others are taking action to spread God’s healing message and train up locals at a grassroots level. 

Incredible Growth

Churches in Uganda are being planted with amazing speed. 

True Heroes of the Faith

Roger Hayslip
June 18, 2018

“He who wants to be great among you, must be the servant of all”
(Matthew 12:21)

No one needs the Good News more than the poor.  Especially those in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, the world’s densest concentration of impoverished people.  Three out of four people in a city of four million are packed into nine massive slums.  Families are forced to live in inhuman spaces—typically 8 people in a 12’ x 12’ dirt-floor room with no running water or toilet.  To rent such space costs about $8 a month—and most households earn only $1 a day.  Slum life here may be the world’s most oppressive existence on a mass scale.

A Stirring for a New Generation

Gary Wilkerson
February 2, 2017

Before beginning this year, with over 20 pastors’ and leadership conferences scheduled, I prayed earnestly that God would anoint the message and mightily stir the hearts of God’s called ministers. I didn’t want to just preach a nice word and receive pleasant applause but have nothing of real transformation ensue. I wanted to see a move of God in these pastors, churches and even nations.