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relationship with God

God's Intimate Relationship with the Incarcerated

Roger Jonker
February 23, 2017

At World Challenge, we’re always encouraged when we receive news of the amazing work the Holy Spirit does in prisons.  We were blessed tremendously to read the following letter written by an inmate to WC president Gary Wilkerson.  It has been edited and abridged slightly for length: 

I’m currently incarcerated in California’s Valley State Prison.  I’m writing to share a testimony of how the Lord used your father’s book Hungry for More of Jesus as well as your newsletters to minister to me.  I also want to share with you the work He has been doing behind these walls—how He is raising up a generation of men who look to walk as the bride of Christ, who hear the voice of God and obey, and who are hungry for an intimate relationship with Him.