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Bucharest’s Lost Children

Patrick Dow and Alicia Dow
March 21, 2019

Romania’s capital has an enormous orphan population desperately seeking their true Father.

Nicky Cruz recently joined with Gary Wilkerson and the World Challenge team for a pastors’ conference as well as several city-wide crusades in Romania.

While Nicky became very well known for his role in David Wilkerson’s life and later book and movie, The Cross and the Switchblade, he has spent decades since ministering to thousands of young people, addicts and broken families. 

With his personal experience and compassion for those who have become lost on the streets, Nicky is ideally suited to reach them with God’s message of healing. 

Inside One Woman’s Experience

Romania has suffered from a years-long epidemic of sex trafficking and prostitution, especially among homeless street-kids. 

The Orphans of Romania

Rachel Chimits
March 29, 2019

God moved one man’s heart in a way that has now saved over one hundred abandoned children.

In the 1980’s, Romania was one of the most tightly controlled Communist nations in Eastern Europe under the iron fist of Nicolae Ceaușescu. During his rule, he decided to increase the population in order to build his tax base, and all forms of birth control were outlawed.   

As families grew, they often couldn’t afford to feed or care for the new babies. Thousands of parents abandoned their children every year, swamping state hospitals or orphanages. 

Wards of the State were frequently abused and living in horrendous conditions. In 1989, the Ceaușescu regime was overthrown in a violent revolution, and aid groups were finally allowed into the country.