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The Courage of an Ambassador

World Challenge Staff
September 17, 2020

Several believers in Kyrgyzstan are learning how to be a more powerful witness in their communities as they work to bless their neighbors.

When a drop falls into still water, it creates circles far bigger than the size of a drop itself. We want to tell you a story of one little drop named Dilaram*.

Helping a Whole Community Grow

Rachel Chimits
July 28, 2020

God’s presence is transforming one woman’s life as she grows as part of the church and in her earnest desire to have every part of her life reflect biblical truth.

My name is Vedhika*. Greet everyone in the name of Lord Jesus and thank them wholeheartedly. God has done a wonderful work in my life.

From Lost Boy to Man of God

Rachel Chimits
July 21, 2020

God redeemed one boy from his path of revenge and the shadow of prison to set him on the path to becoming a community leader.

Hilary was born in Kenya’s Rift Valley region, the eldest of five children. Their mother brewed alcohol to make money to support their little family. Technically, making alcohol this way was illegal, but it was good money, and she had to support five kids alone.

The Holy Ghost in Cambodia

Rachel Chimits
July 9, 2020

One man found the key to escaping his culture’s long-held fear of evil spirits and sorcery in a simple search for new work.

Cambodia, like many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, is a hotbed of spiritual beliefs.

The country is at a central point of the peninsula and home to Cham, Chinese, Vietnamese and French philosophical counterpoints where sacred traditions and animism have blended into a chimera of religion.  

From Gangster to God Follower

Rachel Chimits
June 16, 2020

A young lady in Cambodia had her life turned upside down and redirected in the best of ways by a local pastor and God’s power.

“My name is Phim. I am 19 years old, and before accepting Jesus, I was a gangster,” explained one young woman to our partners in Cambodia.

Jésus n’est jamais pris par surprise

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)02-06-20

“Et il y eut guerre dans le ciel. Michel et ses anges combattirent contre le dragon. Et le dragon et ses anges combattirent, mais ils ne furent pas les plus forts...  Et il fut précipité, le grand dragon, le serpent ancien… il fut précipité sur la terre, et ses anges furent précipités avec lui” (Apocalypse 12:7-9).

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Иисуса Никогда не Застигнуть в Врасплох

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)02-06-20

«И произошла на небе война: Михаил и Ангелы его воевали против дракона, и дракон и ангелы его воевали [против них],…И низвержен был великий дракон, древний змий, называемый диаволом и сатаною, обольщающий всю вселенную, низвержен на землю, и ангелы его низвержены с ним»(Откр.12:7-9).

Мы находимся на войне между двумя вечными силами: княжествами и силами сатаны и Иисусом, единственным Сыном Бога. Эта война началась несколько веков назад на небесах с архангелом Михаилом и армией Ангелов его, сражающихся против Люцифера и его мятежными ангелами.

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