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Love the Neighbors: Sparking a Local Revolution

Rachel Chimits
March 4, 2019

A heart for mission leaders in the United States has led World Challenge leaders to craft new ways to help.

When people talk about aid or nonprofits, usually the discussion is aimed at foreign disaster relief, feeding malnourished children or medical aid for epidemics. Only rarely do people think of the United States as the recipient of aid programs.

However, as issues such as racism, homosexuality, mass shootings and abortion shake our nation, many people are questioning how we can address these domestic troubles.

How do we help people on the other side of our own fence?

World Challenge’s Catalyst Grant program began as one response to this question.

Becoming a Community Health Evangelist

World Challenge Staff
March 11, 2019

“Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him” (Colossians 3:10 NLT).

These words from Paul have inspired a world-wide movement that wants to find how God changes and renews every part of life. 

World Challenge offers TOT1 vision seminars globally that explore the theology and practical application of holistic ministry. A major part of this is not only the week-long seminar but also giving participants access to thousands of community health lessons, resources and global connections.

In order to create sustainable transformation in missions work, we have to re-engineer how we approach community issues.

A Vision for Macedonia

March 15, 2019

While many younger people are fleeing the Balkans, God is calling one World Challenge scholarship student and others like him back to their homeland.

I come from east Macedonia, and I was raised up in a Christian family. All of my life, I’ve known who God is. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was eleven and then baptized in water when I was fifteen. 

Because I didn’t have Christian friends, though, I lived in the world. I started to gamble, drink and go to clubs with my friends. 

I sat on two chairs, one in the world and one with God. I knew something was wrong, that I should change my life, but I liked having my own way. I told myself, ‘My father is a pastor, and every Sunday I sit in church, so I’m safe. I’m going to heaven.’  

Kings of the Court

Rachel Chimits
March 12, 2019

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).

Chauncey LaBrie serves at the Calvary Worship Center as the prison and inner-city outreach pastor. 

As leaders with huge hearts for their city, Chauncey and his wife, Jen, partnered with Catalyst Funding directors, Sarah Steffensen and Cory Ard, to help make their vision for WeighOut and increasing missional impact a reality.

Two particular WeighOut ministries are creating a dynamic difference for people in Colorado Springs by connecting people and giving communities a voice and a safe space to have fun and care for one another. 

Myron Pierce: A House of Hope

Rachel Chimits
February 27, 2019

The Mission Church is working to help people find God’s plan and purpose for their life after prison.

The United States has about 2.3 million people in correctional facilities. That’s more, per capita, than any other nation on earth.

What many of these people desperately need is assurance that someone—anyone—cares for their well-being. Unfortunately, when they’re released, they often end up in the same circumstances that led to their initial confinement.  

Myron Pierce, the lead pastor of Mission Church which is one of World Challenge’s US partners, has been given a heart for prison ministries and to introduce those who have been locked away to a God who cares deeply about their lives and has plans for their futures. 

Pray for Houston

Gary Wilkerson
September 5, 2017
Pray for Houston image


Hurricane Harvey, the largest rainfall event in US history, has dumped nearly 25 trillion gallons of rain, 19 trillion on Texas. This is enough rain to cover the entire United States nearly 1/2 inch deep. To think of it another way, if the Mississippi River were emptying into Houston, it would take 18 days for it to equal the volume of rain left behind by Hurricane Harvey. It may take weeks to drain and years for the people there to rebuild.

Restoring Hope in Louisiana

Roger Jonker
September 19, 2016

The recent flooding in Louisiana has affected over 40,000 homes and has caused the local government to declare disasters in twenty communities. We recently sent team members to see what we can do to help. Though the amount of devastation caused by the flooding is great they came back with wonderful reports of local churches meeting the needs of their neighbors. One pastor who was so moved to impact his community had already led his church to “show up every fifth Sunday of the month with work clothes and tools as they have church in the neighborhood” As much as natural disasters can devastate the lives of our neighbors, we know that God grants his body the opportunity to go and bring His love to their lives.