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World Challenge Stories

  • Hearing the Voice of the Lord

    World Challenge Staff
    October 22, 2020

    One believer received the strangest urge from the Spirit and witnessed a little miracle when he obeyed this mysterious call.

    The heart of the church and their discipleship movement is to always keep your eyes open for people in need around you, always look for God’s hand on people and listen to his voice as you interact with others.

  • A Second Chance at Life

    Rachel Chimits
    October 19, 2020

    World Challenge’s partners in Swaziland are helping one very special woman find her way into God’s healing and care.

    Growing up, Claudia was constantly on the move. Her parents’ jobs took the family from country to country, and her young life was a blur of one new school after another. She focused on her studies, though, and was very academically gifted, so she finished high school at age 15.

  • The Degree of Sin and Forgiveness

    Rachel Chimits
    October 16, 2020

    Most of us operate under the assumption that some sins are worse than others and harder to forgive, but is this a biblical idea?

    Philip Yancey related a disturbing conversation he’d had with a friend on the topic of forgiveness, reflecting on a historical event he had read about that echoed humanity’s troubled understanding of forgiveness.

  • Building the Purpose Driven Pulpit

    World Challenge Staff
    October 15, 2020

    When we’re building a ministry team or pushing our church to grow, how do we strategically develop a purposeful and driven group of mature believers?

    Ravi Zacharias traveled around the world, ‘helping the thinker to believe and the believers to think.’ He often brought several apprentices with him, young apologists who would work alongside him on these trips. One of these was a young man who had recently converted from Islam to Christianity. His name was Nabeel Qureshi. 

  • A Gift in the Time of Need

    Rachel Chimits
    October 14, 2020

    In Kenya, our partners are working to support families who have children with special needs and who have been affected by the COVID lockdowns.

    Being the parent of a special needs child is a daily challenge, but in Kenya while many facilities are closed and resources are limited thanks to COVID, it can feel overwhelming some days.

  • Bringing News to the Borderlands

    Rachel Chimits
    October 13, 2020

    As the Congo continues to struggle with COVID, our partners are working to spread helpful information and the gospel message of hope.

    World Challenge’s partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been planning to educate communities about COVID-19 as one of our community development activities in the Beni region.