World Challenge Stories

  • Healing Both Heart and Home

    Rachel Chimits

    A girl who seemed both lost within herself and separated from every outside connection has awakened to faith and new life.

    Lenka* was 14 years old when she was brought to the Ehikirezi center, World Challenge’s partners in Burundi. A local administrative leader had found her on the street. As soon as the team saw her, they began praying. It was clear they would need wisdom and a gentle hand with this poor girl.

  • Changing From the Inside Out

    Rachel Chimits

    God’s redemption and transformation of one man who was considered ‘hopeless’ by his neighbors has begun to change his entire village.

    Kenya is making headway toward reducing severe poverty in their nation, working steadfastly toward their people have more opportunities. While some are worried that this work might become easily undone, the upward climb has brought great hope to many locals.

  • Stepping Out Onto a New Road

    Rachel Chimits

    World Challenge’s partners in Lithuania are helping families in need find hope and food in the middle of what has been a very challenging season.

    The Union of Pentecostal Churches of Lithuania support a feeding center in their city. Particularly in this current season, food aid is extremely important.

  • Russia, the Virus Year and a Dream

    Rachel Chimits

    Our partners live in a nation well acquainted with hard work and unrelentingly tough circumstances, but they are also seeing God’s grace and provision in miraculous ways.

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia has reported extraordinarily low mortality rates. A group of doctors, however, have been creating a “memory list” of colleagues’ names who have died from the virus, despite official figures saying otherwise.

  • From Fear to Freedom

    Rachel Chimits

    In Bosnia, one Roma boy who knew little else except anxiety and rejection began to experience God's love and freedom.

    Thousands upon thousands of Roma people live in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but they are the invisible population.

    The government estimates that anywhere between 10,000 and 60,000 Roma are unregistered, which makes accessing schools, hospitals and public resources where they might otherwise receive the help they need far more difficult.

  • An Opportunity for Education

    Rachel Chimits

    Our partners in some of the most restrictive Asian countries are working to help children in remote villages be able to go to school and connect their families with the church.

    Education can make all the difference in helping a family break the cycle of poverty, especially in Asia where a high emphasis is placed on children caring for their elderly parents.

  • Christ’s Blood Shed in Love

    Rachel Chimits

    God’s sacrifice to save his people reaches the hearts of the lost in some of the most unexpected places, in this case through a wedding party.

    In Central Asia, there is a story about a weaver who imprudently fell in love with a princess, but then many great loves seem ill advised to those on the outside.