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A Revolution in Burundi Churches

Rachel Chimits
July 8, 2019

One bishop has helped bring a wave of change to his city with discussion about new ways to approach problems.

Bishop Emile helps to manage and disciple the leaders of 50 churches in and around the city of Ngozi in Burundi. He also personally leads a church of about 1,500 members.

When he first met with World Challenge workers, he was intrigued by the approach to God’s Word as a transformative force for people’s everyday choices and lives. He took careful note of the biblical concepts behind the lessons, then he decided to adopt this wholistic ministry for his church.

Soon after, he headed out to the pastors he ministered to and shared this vision of whole-life ministry. His passion was to see all the churches apply this mindset and empower their congregations to see God’s blessings. 

Loving Jesus


Gary Wilkerson

May 18, 2018

We hear a lot these days about being loved by God, which is amazing and true, but we are also to love him. Gary Wilkerson exhorts us to be passionate, radical, fervent, on-fire lovers of Jesus.

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Miracles Only Love Could Bring

Gary Wilkerson
November 14, 2016

Gospel Impact through Special Needs Ministries

In a country in Central Asia, a center for young adults buzzes with joyful activity. 15 young men and women are occupied in productive crafts—sewing, making jewelry, repairing electronics. One cuts hair and does manicures. Some have found vocations, earning diplomas outside the center—in massage therapy, cooking and wood-burning.

It’s all a miracle—because these are young people with special needs. Born with disabilities, they were unwanted and abandoned to orphanages. As they grew older, they were deemed “idiots” with no future. Their fate was to be sent to an adult institution at age 17, where life expectancy is tragically short.