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Around the World: Volume Three

In our latest installment of Around the World, World Challenge gives you a look inside the missions work taking place across the earth. 


Complete powerlessness is one of the worst, most traumatizing human experiences. Could our recovery rest in the knowledge of God’s love for us?

The Forgotten of Eastern Ukraine

It’s hard to imagine such devastation as Eastern Ukraine has seen; there is evidence of war everywhere you look. 

The Widows of Guatemala

God has graciously provided homes, food and care for many widows and the forgotten through our partners' faithful prayers and giving. We would love to introduce you to three of them.

Dorina's Rescue

Could you survive on $70 a month? This is the reality for much of the Roma community, the most vulnerable people group in Europe. One woman, a single mother of three, had nothing but a small shack on the side of the river. But while she was in the hospital, her home was raided, and her situation went from bad to worse. Learn more about Dorina and how World Challenge partners came alongside her family to provide hope.

Building Hope in Nicaragua

Education is a low priority in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. As a result, the local school was in disarray. World Challenge has been partnering with Metanoia Missions to revitalize the school grounds and make strides in breaking the cycle of poverty in that area.

Ebola in the D.R. Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, violence, pillaging of natural resources, and disease threaten their land and people. The Congo is now dealing with the second biggest outbreak of Ebola ever. Thousands are ill and dying; instability and violence make it difficult to treat.

Abandoning the Faith

One tactic of the enemy is to take out the leader and scatter the flock. Your pastor needs can you be a lifeline?

Call For The Gospel

After hearing the Gospel preached, a tribal leader invited our partners to come teach the Bible in his village. Watch the video to learn what happened!