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Gary Wilkerson Podcast

  • Coronavirus: Tribulation is an Opportunity to Be a Testimony

    In this week’s special episode of the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Keith Holloway joins us again to discuss how believers can steady their hearts in these uncertain times. 

  • Coronavirus: Unshakable Faith in a World That is Being Shaken

    In this special edition of the Gary Wilkerson Podcast, Gary is joined by Keith Holloway to talk about faith in a time of fear and uncertainty.

  • The Best Thing You Can Do for a Drug Addict

    Jerry Nance, director of Global Teen Challenge, has found that drugs are the modern method of drowning out pain and hopelessness. God offers a different solution, though, and Teen Challenge works to help addicts find hope in Jesus Christ.

  • Curiosity is the Cure for Cynicism

    Pastor and guest speaker Rusty George joins us today to discuss how people can heal and live successfully in community.

  • Why is There Generational Division in the Church?

    Today, on the Gary Wilkerson Podcast, Gary talks with the younger members of the World Challenge team to get their views on the generational divide that’s tearing apart our churches.

  • Loving God With All Your Strength

    Today, Gary Wilkerson is joined by guest speaker and ministry founder David Bush to talk about how we can balance spiritual disciplines with physical fitness.

  • When You Love a Prodigal – Part 2

    Today, we rejoin Gary Wilkerson and Judy Douglass as they continue their discussion from last week and explore how the parents of a prodigal can find strength and hope.

  • When You Love a Prodigal – Part 1

    Perhaps nothing is harder than watching someone you love choose a life that will hurt them. Today, we’re joined by Judy Douglass who shares about her life with a prodigal son. More than anything, she emphasizes how the journey alongside a beloved prodigal is never easy but always worth it.

  • Showing the Father's Love to At-Risk Children

    Recent studies have found that nearly 19 million children in the US are growing up with only one parent, and that over one fourth of these single parents are wrestling with poverty. Today, we’re joined by guests from Father’s Love, a ministry who work primarily with children from low-income, single-parent homes. They are following a great calling to help families connect with each other and God.

  • The Demonic Deception of Superficial Significance

    Seeing major church leaders walk away from the faith has almost become a common feature in the news. Many believers are left asking, “Why? What happened?” In today’s episode, Doug Welbourn joins us to share his insights after years of counseling pastors and church leaders. God offers us freedom from the pressures and hollow promises of culture, but finding our way out of that mindset can feel challenging. Community and good friends will remind us that God’s word satisfies and will never fail. Our Father calls us to be free from earthly standards, to be foolish in the eyes of the world and find heavenly wisdom.