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Gary Wilkerson Podcast

  • Love Is Powerful, Confronting Every Form of Darkness

    In this episode of the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Nicky Cruz joins us to explore the topic of love when it comes to the people who can seem the farthest from that term: prisoners, gang members and drug addicts. Nicky recalls how Gary’s father helped bring him to Christ along with his own experiences ministering inside prisons and cities’ darkest alleys where only God can bring light.

  • Loving Your Children in a Culture of Entitlement

    In this episode of the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Nicky Cruz joins us to discuss the great importance of a father’s love. The impact of a parent’s love plus God’s love can create incredible healing and purpose in a child’s life. 

  • Spinning Out of Control

    This week on the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Gary and guest Matt Tanner discuss a plane crash and an extraordinary miracle. If we look back at what God has done, opening our hearts to how he is meeting us in each moment, we may see how our Lord seeks to draw us into a unique and completely trusting relationship with him. 

  • Encouragement to Stay in the Fight

    In this episode, Gary Wilkerson discusses depression and suicide even among believers who should live in the light of hope. He explores ways that believers can handle issues like mental illness and how to differentiate between spiritual despair and general life discouragement. Most importantly, he offers encouragement to those who may feel as if they are fighting alone. God is walking right alongside us, even in our darkest hours.

  • Your Painful Past Can Be God’s Most Powerful Tool

    Victor Marx of All Things Possible Ministries joins us to share how God has used his painful past of abuse and rejection to prepare him for rescuing women and children traumatized by ISIS. Our brokenness doesn’t mean we are useless; rather it allows God to use us in his way, for his purposes. We can’t allow fear to hold us back from fulfilling God’s calling for our lives.

  • Feeling Like You’re Falling Behind

    In this week’s podcast, Gary Wilkerson digs down to the root of our expectations for ourselves and our Christian walk that often cause us to despair as we compare ourselves to other believers.