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Nuestra Necesidad de Compañerismo en Dios

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)08-07-20

Jesús declaró: “Yo soy el pan de vida… Yo soy el pan vivo que descendió del cielo… El que me come, él también vivirá por mí” (Juan 6:35,51,57). La imagen del pan aquí es importante. Nuestro Señor nos dice: “Si vienes a mí, te alimentarás. Estarás apegado a mí, como miembro de mi cuerpo. Por lo tanto, serás fortalecido por la fuerza vital que hay en mí”. De hecho, cada miembro de su cuerpo obtiene sus fuerzas de una sola fuente: Cristo, la cabeza. Todo lo que necesitamos para llevar una vida vencedora fluye hacia nosotros, a partir de él.

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Our Need for Godly Fellowship

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)08-07-20

Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life … I am the living bread which came down from heaven … he who feeds on Me will live because of Me" (John 6:35, 51, 57). The image of bread here is important. Our Lord is telling us, “If you come to me, you’ll be nourished. You’ll be attached to me, as a member of my body. Therefore, you’ll receive strength from the life-force that is in me.” Indeed, every member of his body draws strength from a single source: Christ, the head. Everything we need to lead an overcoming life flows to us from him.

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The Way Church Is Flying

Rachel Chimits
May 27, 2020

The church going remote changed the way believers have connected in this season, but what kinds of long-term effects will this have?

Few migrations are more famous in North America than the Monarch butterfly’s majestic, 3,000-mile, multigenerational journey from Canada to Mexico.

Curiosity is the Cure for Cynicism

Pastor and guest speaker Rusty George joins us today to discuss how people can heal and live successfully in community.

Why is There Generational Division in the Church?

Today, on the Gary Wilkerson Podcast, Gary talks with the younger members of the World Challenge team to get their views on the generational divide that’s tearing apart our churches.

Where Church and Families Find Each Other

Rachel Chimits
September 23, 2019

God made people to operate best in families, whether we like it or not, but what happens when our families are not healthy?

Nicky Gumbel tells a story in one of his devotionals about a busy father who was looking after his daughter and trying to find a way to keep her entertained while he worked. He took a magazine page with a world map and cut it into pieces, creating a make-shift puzzle for his little girl.

Relacionando-se com o povo de Deus

Gary Wilkerson05-08-19

“Agradeço a meu Deus toda vez que me lembro de vocês... por causa da cooperação que vocês têm dado ao evangelho, desde o primeiro dia até agora.” (Filipenses 1:3-5).

Paulo agradece a Deus pela comunhão com os santos; a koinonia – compartilhando juntos – que ele e os irmãos da igreja dos filipenses tinham enquanto caminhavam juntos em fé. Tal comunhão no evangelho é incomparável. Ela é poderosa, pois nasce aos pés da cruz de Jesus Cristo. Através dele, homens de diferentes lugares, tribos e línguas unem-se como um só corpo.

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الارتباط بشعب الله

Gary Wilkerson05-08-19

"إِنِّي أَشْكُرُ إِلَهِي كُلَّمَا تَذَكَّرْتُكُمْ… بِسَبَبِ مُسَاهَمَتِكُمْ فِي نَشْرِ الإِنْجِيلِ مِنْ أَوَّلِ يَوْمٍ إِلَى الآنَ." (فيلبي 1: 3-5).

بولس يشكر الله على مساهمة القديسين. و koinonia - تقاسم معا - التي كان يتمتع بها هو وكنيسة فليبي كما ساروا معا في الإيمان.  هذه المشاركة والمساهمة في الإنجيل لا مثيل لها.  إنها قوية لأنها ولدت عند  صليب يسوع المسيح.  من خلاله ، يجتمع رجال من مختلف الأوساط والقبائل واللغات كجسد واحد.

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Gary Wilkerson05-08-19


保罗为著与圣徒相交而感恩;  koinonia —共同分享 — 也就是说,他和腓立比教会因信同行而有所享受。这福音上的相交无与伦比。这经历强有力,因为这是产生於主的十字架前。五湖四海各民各族的人都透过衪而合成一个身体。

我们又读到:「我体会基督耶稣的心肠,切切的想念你们众人;这是神可以给我作见證的。我所祷告的,就是要你们的爱心在知识和各样见识上多而又多,使你们能分别是非(或作:喜爱那美好的事),作诚实无过的人,直到基督的日子;」 (1:8-10). 保罗喜欢与信徒同工 —自从头一天与他们相遇,他们都真诚一致。他单独在狱中时,他们既与他联络,又支持他,令他深深的感恩。 



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