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The Battle for Our Families

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)22-07-20

The Bible is clear that in these last days, the church of Jesus Christ faces the wrath of Satan. He is hell-bent on destroying marriages, alienating children, pitting family members against each other with the simple goal of bringing ruin and destruction to every home he possibly can. Jesus referred to this demonic work when he described Satan, saying, “You are of your father the devil … He was a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44).

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La Batalla por Nuestras Familias

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)22-07-20

La Biblia es clara en que en estos últimos días, la iglesia de Jesucristo enfrenta la ira de Satanás. Él está empeñado en destruir los matrimonios, alienar a los niños, enfrentar a los miembros de la familia entre sí con el simple objetivo de llevar la ruina y la destrucción a todos los hogares que pueda. Jesús se refirió a esta obra demoníaca cuando describió a Satanás, diciendo: “Vosotros sois de vuestro padre el diablo… El ha sido homicida desde el principio” (Juan 8:44).

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You Can Be the Love That Changes a Child's Life

Father’s Love ministers to children from low-income, often single parent households. Today, they share their heart for the work and how God is redeeming the next generation.

Many Are the Afflictions of the Righteous

Today, Matthew and Deanne Ward join us to discuss Matthew’s battle with cancer, the journey of faith and grief they went through, and how their family grew together in this difficult time.

When You Love a Prodigal – Part 2

Today, we rejoin Gary Wilkerson and Judy Douglass as they continue their discussion from last week and explore how the parents of a prodigal can find strength and hope.

When You Love a Prodigal – Part 1

Perhaps nothing is harder than watching someone you love choose a life that will hurt them. Today, we’re joined by Judy Douglass who shares about her life with a prodigal son. More than anything, she emphasizes how the journey alongside a beloved prodigal is never easy but always worth it.