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  • Devastating Tornados in East Texas

    Lainey West
    May 31, 2017

    Can you imagine losing everything you own in less than 10 minutes? That’s exactly what happened to many in East Texas on April 29 as a tornado ravaged much of the area near the World Challenge Texas offices. The tornado was on the ground for 51 minutes with eight smaller tornados touching down as well.

    The devastation was heart wrenching with trees snapped in half, telephone poles broken like chopsticks, a truck wrapped in debris with a huge tree on top of it, a mangled tractor and trailer, mobile homes totally destroyed as if they exploded, and houses lifted off their foundations.

  • Aid to Mudslide Victims in Peru

    Roger Jonker and Agustin Ciccia
    May 1, 2017

    Heavy rains in Peru recently triggered deadly mudslides, destroying entire villages. Many villagers watched helplessly as their lives were completely washed away in mere minutes. The disaster could have meant total devastation and despair. But thanks to your gifts of support, World Challenge (WC) was able to bring hope to a landscape of despair.  Here’s a look behind the scenes at how your support worked to help those facing total disaster. 

  • Ministering Faithfully to Young People in Garland, Texas

    Roger Jonker
    April 27, 2017

    While many in their seventies are happy just to be able to attend church, Cookie, soon to be 75, pastors one. She leads Street Church in Garland and is director of D-Boy Ministries, a ministry named in memory of her son, who was murdered in 1990. The aim of both ministries is to help teenagers find new life in Christ. Cookie has over 30 years of experience in urban outreach programs, and when she ministers it’s with authority. After all, Jesus transformed her from a drug addict to a preacher.

  • How World Challenge Saved Our Orphanage

    Roger Hayslip
    March 22, 2017

    Dear World Challenge,

    On January 5th, our orphanage in Thailand received your annual donation.  As always, it was a great blessing.  This year it was especially helpful, and I would like to explain why.

    For eight years, we have rented a property in the village of Um-phang on the Thailand-Burma border, using it as an orphanage, mission school and church for the children of refugees who have fled the civil war in Burma.  This arrangement has worked well for us, and we have always managed to pay the annual rent.  

  • A Voice to the Voiceless

    Roger Jonker
    March 17, 2017

    The following is a beautiful letter written to us by a grieving mother.  The testimony she paints is a of daughter’s utter faithfulness to God despite severe disabilities.  The mother’s letter has been slightly edited and abridged:

    Writing a special note of encouragement as I wish to express deep, profound gratitude for all your articles, which I’ve read over the years.

    My beautiful daughter, Diane Barbara Jackson, entered eternal life and glory on 11-7-2016.  God gave me grace upon grace to care for her daily in her home for six years, as I am an old registered nurse.  I read your articles to her, and they were soul food.  It was a great journey of love to care for my daughter through Jesus.

  • Download Ultimate Favor

    Gary Wilkerson
    March 17, 2017

    We hear a lot about the favor of God these days. That's a good thing. Without the Lord's favor, we wouldn't be able to breathe, stand or find true life anywhere. Our loving, compassionate God looks to bless us with his amazing favor. 

    But, are you truly experiencing the full favor of God or maybe just the accommodating aspect of what you see as His blessing in your life? In Ultimate Favor by Gary Wilkerson, experience a deeper understanding of how God truly wants to shower on you His favor of not only provision, but His presence and the ultimate blessing that He brings to your life. 

  • God's Intimate Relationship with the Incarcerated

    Roger Jonker
    February 23, 2017

    At World Challenge, we’re always encouraged when we receive news of the amazing work the Holy Spirit does in prisons.  We were blessed tremendously to read the following letter written by an inmate to WC president Gary Wilkerson.  It has been edited and abridged slightly for length: 

    I’m currently incarcerated in California’s Valley State Prison.  I’m writing to share a testimony of how the Lord used your father’s book Hungry for More of Jesus as well as your newsletters to minister to me.  I also want to share with you the work He has been doing behind these walls—how He is raising up a generation of men who look to walk as the bride of Christ, who hear the voice of God and obey, and who are hungry for an intimate relationship with Him.

  • Seats of Honor for “The Least of These”

    Gary Wilkerson
    February 20, 2017

    Caring for the Abandoned Elderly in former Soviet Bloc Nations

    Hannah (not her real name) was crying uncontrollably when she arrived at House of Hope. Life as she knew it had just ended. Her adult son, whom she adopted as a boy, was driving Hannah somewhere when he suddenly stopped the car, shoved his elderly mother out, and disappeared from her life.

  • A Stirring for a New Generation

    Gary Wilkerson
    February 2, 2017

    Before beginning this year, with over 20 pastors’ and leadership conferences scheduled, I prayed earnestly that God would anoint the message and mightily stir the hearts of God’s called ministers. I didn’t want to just preach a nice word and receive pleasant applause but have nothing of real transformation ensue. I wanted to see a move of God in these pastors, churches and even nations.