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86 Seconds

God Has All Power

September 15, 2020

Gary has been studying the attributes of God and this week, he explores God's omnipotence. This word also means all-powerful and when it describes God as all-powerful, it means that all power in the Universe comes from him alone. He is the source and it's a power that is immeasurable.

The Judgments of God Are Real

September 8, 2020

Acknowledging the judgments of God allow us to know God more fully. And while some believe His wrath and judgments are unkind they are actually a sign of His mercy to save us from evil.

Does God Still Judge Nations?

September 1, 2020

Because God is just he brings judgment on sin, but what about nations? We often want to dismiss God would do such a thing to countries but is it biblical? Gary speaks to this question and reminds us that ultimately, judgment is meant to point us back to God.

God Is Just and the Justifier

August 25, 2020

Without justice and judgment, sin would go unpunished. It's these attributes of God we tend to shy away from that are essential to punishing evil. We do deserve the wrath of God because of our sin, but God loved us so much that he made a way for atonement. Jesus became the justifier—he bore all our sins and took on the wrath of God for us. What an incredible God we serve!

The Just Nature of an Amazing God

August 18, 2020

We often ignore the justice of God while building a view of him that we are personally comfortable with. But it's important to know about his wrath and just nature to fully know our amazing God.

The Justice of God

August 11, 2020

If we're not careful, we will eliminate parts of God we don't like and by doing that, repaint the image of God. One attribute we often ignore is his justice, which defines that he not only does right, but he is right. Justice shouldn't be eliminated from God's attributes; it's his justice that protects and vindicates his people.

Highly Esteeming Every Attribute of God

August 4, 2020

Those with a high view of God are worshippers, obedient and seek holiness. Those with a low view of God are wrapped up in the world and wrestle with sin patterns. Wondering where you might fall? To have a low view of God is to pick and choose the attributes of God you prefer, like love and mercy over wrath and judgment. But to have that high view and fully know God—and be transformed—is to accept his fullness and all his attributes.

Let Your Heart Be Stirred to Know God

July 28, 2020

Has your heart towards God grown cold or distant? By seeking to know him and his attributes—to know him more intimately—your love for him can be stirred and grow. God wants a relationship with you and to change your whole life. Will you press in and know him?

The Power of Knowing God

July 21, 2020

We study the attributes of God to know God better. And through knowing God, we can move in faith, power and strength. In the weeks ahead, Gary will be sharing the various attributes of God so that you may know your Creator more fully.

Do You Have a High View of God?

July 14, 2020

If you pick and choose the attributes of God you prefer, you'll form a low view of him and struggle to trust him. In contrast, if you study the attributes of God and get a high view of who he is, you will gaze upon his glory and be filled with awe.