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1/1000th of your day is 86 seconds.

If you invite God into even a fraction of your day, you could be transformed. 

If you’re interested in quick encouragements, then you will enjoy our 86 Seconds videos. Each one is a mini-devotional from Gary Wilkerson as he points out simple but profound truths in scripture that can change the way we approach each day. These reminders of the Word’s power will help you live as salt and light to the world.

Start giving 86 seconds of undivided attention to Jesus today. 

86 Seconds

Do Not Fear, God Is With You

Are there circumstances in your life right now that are concerning? No matter what happens, you have no need to fear. God will never abandon you or fail you!

Allow Difficulties to Make You Stronger

Are you facing struggles or difficulties in your life? Often we run from such experiences but in fact, they are the very things that will strengthen you.

Learn to Be Patient in the Process of Healing

Healing the wounded heart is often a process rather than an instant transformation. Don't give up on overcoming your strongholds! Keep getting back up, find accountability, and cry out to Jesus for deliverance.

First Clean the Inside of the Cup

When you build your life from a core wound, oftentimes addiction manifests in some form. You may try to stop the destructive behavior but until that core wound finds healing, the addiction will likely continue. To clean up the outside the inside must be cleaned up first. Jesus wants to heal your core wound—to clean the inside of the cup—and from that healing bring freedom.

Healing of the Wounded Heart

Jesus wants your false construct—the life you've built from a core wound—to come down. You're going to have to release the pain to God and allow him to bring healing to your wound. Only then can you truly build your life on the Rock.

Build Your Life on the Rock of Christ

Last week, Gary talked about the danger of building your house on a false construct, or your core wound. Today, he shares a life that lasts is built on the rock, and that this foundation is found in Christ. Just as God was pleased with Jesus before he had done any miraculous or noted deed, he is pleased with those in relationship with them outside of anything they do.

Do Not Build Your Life From a Sense of Lack

This week, Gary talks about a trap some people fall into; the trap of building a life on a false construct. When someone does this, they are building a life to compensate and overcome the things they think are missing in their lives. What are you building your life on?

Learning to Live Out of the Fullness of God

Core wounds come from traumatic experiences, and what ends up happening is, you start living from a place of "when this happens..." instead of from the fullness of Christ. Success comes from knowing and living from God's love, and when you tap into that, He'll give you what's missing.

Understanding the Trauma of Absence

There is trauma that occurs when something happens to you that shouldn't, but in this episode, Gary talks about the form of trauma that takes place when something should happen to you but doesn't. Today, ask God is there is something in your life that is missing and how you can find healing in that area of your life.

Bring Your Hurts to Jesus

Are you in a place of pain, struggling in the aftermath of trauma? Healing a wounded heart is essential to living a healthy life. Don't hold onto the pain any longer—offer it to the Lord.