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86 Seconds

Gluttony is Still a Sin

December 31, 2019

Food feeds into every other part of your life, and overeating or filling your body with unhealthy sources can limit your ability to live out your calling. In fact, overeating—or gluttony—is a sin just like any other and is outside of God's will for your life. What changes will you start making towards a healthy, God-honoring lifestyle?

Food is the Fuel for Your Life

December 24, 2019

Gary dives into one of the 8 F's that we love most—food. But it's an area of life we should take seriously because it's food that fuels our body to live out God's purpose for us. Ask yourself today, How well are you caring for yourself?

Is Your "Why" Big Enough?

December 17, 2019

When you make a decision to get healthy, you must have your "why" to motivate you on the journey. Gary shares his own "why" in addition to encouraging you to find yours.

Taking Small Steps Toward Healthier Living

December 10, 2019

Your body is the engine for your life, and its health is tied to your overall well-being. Gary shares the small steps he took towards fitness and encourages each of us to find small ways to be active, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Is Your Horse Healthy?

December 3, 2019

Your body must be healthy if you're going to walk out the calling God has purposed for you. In this week's 86 Seconds, Gary shares the important role health and fitness play in a flourishing life.

The Importance of Financial Stewardship

November 26, 2019

There is a link in Scripture between spiritualality, stewardship and our financial life. The honest truth is, when we don't steward well, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. But God wants you to live generously and in freedom. If financial stewardship has been given little thought in your life, today you can change your mindset and begin stewarding what God has given you well.

Are Your Finances in Order?

November 19, 2019

Continuing through the 8 F's for healthy living, Gary discusses the importance of finances. Perhaps you worry about money or live paycheck to paycheck. If there is something out of order here, it's time to prioritize and start organizing your finances.

How to Develop Lasting Friendships

November 12, 2019

In recent weeks we've talked about the importance of friends and that without them, other areas of your life won't be healthy. But how do you develop these kinds of intimate relationships? Gary shares three things you can and must do to find close friends to do life with.

We Need Deep Godly Friendships

November 5, 2019

True success comes out of community; when you do life with others rather than alone. At the end of your life, it will be the relationships you cultivated, not the accumulation of things, that will matter the most.

You Need Five Close Friends

October 29, 2019

Jesus wants us to know people well and be known by others. Gary shares the importance of friendships in our lives and his own experience with building a close knit group of people to do life with.