World Challenge Stories

  • As We Face Each Calamity

    Rachel Chimits

    Few will argue that 2020 was a difficult year. 

    After the initial waves of COVID-19, general buzz on the internet was that the pandemic was hitting people harder than we’d realized it might, even if they never caught the virus. Now studies are substantiating our sense of the impact.

  • A Hope and a Future

    Rachel Chimits

    The Middle East is filled with refugees right now who are seeking safety, and the church is providing places for those who have lost their homes to heal and rest.

    Like ministries all over the world, World Challenge’s partners in Israel were very much affected by the pandemic. One team who works with refugees in Northern Israel had over 30 women and children in their shelter on lockdown, and it was very challenging to minister to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

  • A Venerable Stand in Peru

    Rachel Chimits

    The church is stepping up to care for society’s most vulnerable and often overlooked people groups, especially during the pandemic.

    In a COVID-19 report, BBC News noted, “The latest figures out of Peru mean its death rate per capita is now one of the highest, if not the highest, in the world.”

  • Unexpected and Gracious Gifts

    Rachel Chimits

    World Challenge’s partners are supporting Christians in India who are in need, especially those struck by tragedy.

    Jeevika* and her husband were on a trip to the market to buy fruit; they were looking for watermelon for the family, especially their two daughters to enjoy. 

  • The Start of a New Life

    Rachel Chimits

    Children in Kenya are being offered a new lease on life and a chance to know God by World Challenge’s partners.

    In places shaken by unrest, children are often the first to suffer and the ones to carry the marks of it longest afterward.